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Snowwater holds the safety of all guests and staff as our main priority.

We strictly adhere to industry standards, and hire only competent, certified, professionals with years of specific helicopter experience. All of our heli guides and pilots undergo rigorous annual training procedures. 

Our guides are AMCG, CAA, and CSGA certified, trained and current in methods of snow safety, weather analysis, emergency medical techniques and mechanized ski guiding.  Early each morning, our guides meet to evaluate weather conditions, snow stability and terrain based on field observations and external industry data.  Daily decisions are made and often reassessed in the field to ensure optimal safety and fun.

At the beginning of each trip, all guests are briefed by our pilot in helicopter safety procedures. Snowwater uses only the B2 A Star helicopter, a high performance, comfortable machine that maneuvers with great agility in big mountains.  All Snowwater guests are trained in the use of our digital beacons and avalanche rescue scenarios. We supply each skier or rider with new Tracker digital beacons and individual safety backpacks including shovel, probe and water bottle, as well as a group radio for added communication.  The small group set up, with only four guests per guide, allows for a maximum margin of safety and added attention in the field.

As stewards of this land, we have taken necessary precautions to help protect the areas that surround our fuel tanks. We use double-walled Enviro Tanks, essentially a tank within a tank. In case of a rupture from the inside or out, the ultimate integrity of the fuel remains intact. Anti-siphon valves prevent accidental drainage or tampering.

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